How to Prevent & Get Rid of Syringoma

Many young adults may wake up one day and notice a bunch of symmetrical bumps around their eyes, cheeks, forehead, or anywhere else on the body. This, of course, will cause grave concern, especially if this is the first time you're seeing this on you. But unfortunately, while it's essential to know the skin you’re in, you can't quickly determine everything.

You most likely may be experiencing Syringoma; this is an overgrowth of cells from your body's sweat glands. They're painless and harmless, but you're going to want to get to the bottom of why they're on your body and how you can get rid of them ASAP. So here's everything you may need to know for preventing and getting rid of Syringoma.

What You Need to Know About Syringoma

Those who have Syringomas may notice that the bumps on their face are symmetrical. This means that the bumps will be in the same place on both sides of the face. In addition, other skin conditions tend to get mistaken for Syringomas, such as warts and acne.

What does Syringoma look like?

Syringomas are little firm bumps around the eyes but can be found in other areas. These tend to be around 1 to 3 millimeters wide. These small papules will come in several colors: pale pink, skin-toned, yellow, and brown. 

What are the symptoms of Syringoma?

These flesh-colored bumps tend to not sting, itch or burn. They may develop at the same time. These can be found in the upper cheeks, around the eyes, armpits, genitalia, and chest.

Who’s at risk of getting Syringoma?

It's estimated that those between the ages of 25 to 40 are at the highest risk of getting Syringomas, but there have been multiple cases of patients of other ages getting this as well. Its most prominent is the ages of 25 to 30. It's noted that those at the highest risk of getting diagnosed with Syringoms are Japanese and Caucasian women. It’s unknown what these groups are at the highest risk of forming these little bumps. 

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When should someone seek medical care for Syringoma?

While having Syringoma isn't known for being harmful, if you're feeling insecure or notice that too many are on your skin, it is strongly encouraged to seek medical attention.

What are the causes of Syringoma?

While it’s unknown what the exact causes of Syringomas are, some common health conditions are associated with developing it. This includes Marfan syndrome, Down syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and diabetes. 

Is Syringoma harmful?

Syringoma is not harmful, it mostly appears on the skin due to various causes, but it's not an indicator that you're in bad health or in harm’s way.

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Treatments Options for Syringomas

There are plenty of treatment options available for patients dealing with Syringomas, and for some, having Syringomas can cause a lot of emotional distress, such as low self-esteem. These bumps tend to grow in susceptible spots such as the eyes or genital area. 

Chemical peels

Trichloroacetic acid is applied to the face, usually just on the part of the skin that’s affected by Syringomas. The bumps will use the acid, and it's expected that the bumps will dry and fall off. If the chemical peel is done correctly, it shouldn't cause any scarring to the skin. 

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Doctors use this only if the Syringomas are not deep-rooted into the skin. This procedure includes using fine metal wire to penetrate the first layer of skin to remove the bumps. 


There are medicals available that are meant to help ease Syringomas. However, these will need to be prescribed by your doctor. 

Laser Removal

Both visible and invisible red light will be used for this procedure. The red light waves are aimed toward the Syringomas with the sole focus on destroying the tissue. This can be a preferred treatment, but it's also known for causing scarring and potential infections. 

Surgical procedures

Surgical options tend to be the most preferred option when handling Syringomas. Nearly all of the surgical procedures meant to treat Syringomas are noninvasive and far from being dangerous. Some of the most common can include cryotherapy, laser surgery, and electrosurgery. However, other procedures are a bit more invasive such as the traditional cutting or scraping of the skin. These tend to be the last resort.

What are some ways to prevent Syringoma?

Are you looking for ways to prevent Syringoma? Then check out these prevention tips.

1. Wear sunscreen

This is a tip that commonly gets passed around, and dermatologists are always telling their patients to do this as well. Always wear sunscreen, preferably SPF 30+. UV rays are harmful to the skin, this doesn't just increase the chance of skin cancer, but this can also increase the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. In addition, harmful UV rays could potentially link to forming Syringomas on the skin. So every day, no matter what, make sure to apply sunscreen!

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2. Use natural skin tonics

Sometimes, it's just best to go natural. Too many chemicals, especially in your skincare routine, could be causing Syringomas or any other type of irritation.

3. Regularly exfoliate the skin

Your skin needs to rid itself of the dead skin cells hanging on your face. Proper exfoliation of the skin can make a massive difference, which could help unclog your sweat glands.

4. Ensure your blood sugar levels are healthy 

Since diabetes has been linked to Syringomas, you're going to want to make sure you have a proper diet that includes assisting in giving you proper blood sugar levels. 

5. Avoid anything that irritates the skin

Try your best to avoid anything that irritates your skin. This could include anything within your regular skin routine that you've noticed irritates the skin, even right down to what you're consuming. If something is irritating your skin, don't keep fighting it. 

6. Have a healthy, well-balanced diet

You'd be amazed at how much your diet reflects in your skin. It's essential to nourish your body every day. This includes cutting out processed foods and instead consuming whole foods packed with vitamins A and E.

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Now You Know

While there are plenty of prevention methods and ways to treat Syringoma, it will be up to you and your dermatologist to figure out the best way this can be achieved. So don't feel discouraged about having Syringoma; you're completely safe, and with the right methods, you can say goodbye to having this.

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