Our Story

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How it started

In early 2007, after graduating with a degree in chemistry, our founder, David, was asked to conduct research into non-surgical cosmetic procedures for a job opportunity.

In the course of his research, David found a need for professional-strength chemical peels at a price more affordable to consumers.

With a $600 loan from his mother, he set out to fill this need in the market, and Perfect Image was born.

What we've learned

Most people do a great job researching ingredients, different types of blemishes, and their common treatments, but find difficulty matching the correct product and ingredient strength with their particular skin type and concern.

Perfect Image has created a new simplified system which helps customers determine the most effective products and ingredients for their skin concerns. Please contact us if you need help finding the right products for your skin or click the Get Started to begin your new skincare journey!

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Our Values

We strive every day to improve our customers’ lives by giving them access to the tools, support, and information they need, to step more confidently into the world.