Confidence is Freedom

Our Social Mission

To help as many people as possible live a life, free from the anxieties and worries of skin concerns, because we believe confidence in your skin gives you the freedom to be your true self and live your best life.

Why this matters to us?

“Acne affects over 680 million people globally1and over 415 million are affected by rosacea each year2. 51% of people say they are bullied because of their appearance3. One third of patients in dermatology suffer from emotional disorders4.”

1.reportlinker.com2. National Rosacea Society

"Even mild skin concerns or blemishes can affect one's emotional health, contributing to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-image, and a decreased quality of life."

"Illness that directly affects the skin is the fourth most frequent cause of all human disease, affecting some 1.49 billion people at any time, almost one-third of the world's population."

- British Association of Dermatologists (BAD)

These are staggering numbers, and we would like to play our part in changing this.

Where the mind meets the skin

The relationship between the mind and skin can be difficult to understand. Perfect Image aims to change the way people feel about themselves, specifically those who struggle with low self-esteem and self-confidence.

The more we learned, the greater the impact we realized we wanted to make. There are hundreds of millions who suffer from different skin concerns on a daily basis, which can lead to more serious and emotional levels of depression, anxiety, bullying, and suicide.

What is Confidence is Freedom™?

When we are confident in our skin, we feel like we have the power to accomplish the impossible. We radiate beauty. We attract opportunities. We take risks. We're not afraid to step into the world. Yet for many, the feeling of confidence that comes with clear and healthy skin is fleeting - or even non-existent.

Our goal is to spread awareness and provide information on a global scale and educate people on the seriousness of self-confidence and low self-esteem as it relates to the skin, and to help support and find solutions for those who are currently struggling from this.

Will you join the Confidence is Freedom™ efforts and help those in need?

100% of funds will go towards Confidence is Freedom™ relief efforts.

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Together, we can do beautiful things.


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