Exfoliating Body Peel 55%

6-Acid Combo -Low pH Unbuffered

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"Nothing on the market compares"

I've just found this product, after trying so many others on the market, & I can't imagine my routine without it now! BLemishes in small clusters are nearly gone, but equally important is the reduction in oil that my skin produces. I'm 70 years old!!!! & I'm still battling oil on my face. It's a battle I was never able to win. Thank you Perfect Image.

by Perfect Image Customer
"Ive had acne since I was 5"

Yup, the baaad hormonal kind. I'm 18 now, and everything has failed my skin & my self esteem. So thankful to God I found this. It's crazy, I had so much hyperpigmentation from breakouts that I forgot what I looked like. Now I'm getting used to my new appearance lol. THANKS PERFECT IMAGE!!

by Khadijah Maryam
"Great Cleanser!"

I tend to get cystic acne and i'm over 50. I've only used this cleanser for a few weeks, but so far it is working. No new breakouts, my skin feels clean, fresh, and does not feel inflamed.

by Theresa M
"Amazing Brand!"

I love this product.. everyone telling me about perfect image and since i'm obsessed with skin care and makeup I had to try them. I can say this brand is beyond amazing, whoever this scientist is or are ( geniuses)

by Cassie
I've tried everything. I mean EVERYTHING"

I get acne on the chin mostly and it's the cystic acne. My pores look smaller, the wrinkles on my upper lip are less noticeable, I can't stop staring at my face in the mirror now!! I love Perfect Image, I'm never going back!!.

by bbjen
"Best on the Market!"

I have been using the body lotion for a couple of years. I have tried others and either they are too sticky or do not have enough glycolic acid to keep my skin smooth. I also use the body peel which is an excellent product if you are looking to peel. the lotion is a good maintenance product for post peel.

Catherine M.

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