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Kaolin Clay: Ingredient Highlight

Kaolin clay, also known as China clay or white clay, is a naturally occurring clay that is gentle, soft, non-invasive. It is also known for regulating skin balance. It is one of the gentler clays that very absorbent. It helps clears pores and rid skin of problematic dirt, oil, toxins, and other impurities without causing over-drying or stripping the skin.

It possesses healing properties to promote a healthy complexion and revitalizes damaged skin cells, stimulating the appearance of fresh skin, toning the complexion and tightening pores. Because it is very absorbent it is commonly found in deodorants to draw out impurities. It can additionally be used on the hair and scalp as well as an ingredient in gentle, homemade toothpaste.

 It is best for mature, sensitive, or dry skin types. We use Kaolin clay in our Microlumina Exfoliating Scrub to soften and tone the skin.

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