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Blooming Skin Care tips for Spring

Winter can be harsh on the skin. Now that spring is here, we want to give you some awesome tips to help your skin bloom this spring.


De-winterize your skin by exfoliating. Winter can accumulate dead skin cells with all the winter winds and the dry indoor air from turning on the heater. Chemical peels or exfoliating cleansers will do the trick. Twice a week is recommended. However, if you notice your skin is getting dry, sensitive, and a little red, decrease the frequency of your exfoliation to once per week or once every other week.

Switch moisturizers

Heavy winter creams may no longer be the best for moisturizers for spring. Opt for lighter creams or serums in springtime. It can help lessen pore blockage therefore, lessening breakouts. Visit Perfect Image today to find your favorite moisturizer!

Keep allergies at bay

Allergies can cause puffy eyes, which can make you look older and nobody wants that right? Ask your doctor or dermatologist about prescription ingredients that can heal your skin during allergy season. Also, take over-the-counter antihistamine every morning to avoid flare-ups.

Add eye cream to the routine

We do more squinting in the spring than we do in winter since the sun is brighter and is out longer. Adding a good eye cream to your routine can help prevent wrinkles around our eyes. Also, shop for sunglasses that have bigger lenses so it blocks more sun off your precious eyes.

Do some spring-cleaning

Clean up your make up bag and vanity. Check your cosmetic products, make up, and skin care products for their expiration dates. Toss the ones that are expired. They can breed nasty bacteria especially water-based makeup. Keep the ones that you have in cool dry area as bacterial growth thrives in warm and moist environments. Also, shop around for make-up that is light but covers enough. Look for a foundation that has some SPF coverage. That way you have double the protection.

Protect your skin from the sun

Avoid the sun or use sunscreen. Use moisturizers that have SPF of at least 30 and above. The sun has harmful UV rays that can easily damage your skin and can cause skin cancer so don’t forget your sun protection.

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