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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Face & Cheeks

Cellulite is small, harmless dimples that appear on the body. Sometimes, however, these dimples and spots can present on the face. Contrary to popular belief, there is help for those with cellulite on the neck, chin, and cheeks.

There are a lot of causes and factors for cellulite, and cellulite on the cheeks and face is no different. Fortunately, resources and treatments are also available to reduce these dimples' appearance. 

This article will teach you about cellulite on the face. We’ll also review some things you can do to even your skin’s texture and get back to feeling more confident with at-home remedies and simple skincare routines.

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Facial Cellulite Explained

Cellulite, anywhere on the body, presents as dimples or uneven, puckered patches. Although cellulite is more prominent on the legs, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, it also appears on the neck and chin. 

Caused by fatty cell deposits below the skin, cellulite isn’t harmful or a cause for a medical concern, but it is a cosmetic problem for many. Women are more likely to have cellulite than men, especially women over 20 years old. 

More than 80% of women experience cellulite somewhere on the body. Although facial cellulite is rarer, we still have solutions to correct the condition.

Despite its prevalence, many women are uncomfortable with the appearance of cellulite. Fortunately, there are treatment options that can minimize or eradicate facial cellulite.

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Facial Cellulite Contributing Factors

Alleviating cellulite on the face means understanding what is happening below the skin's surface. Many factors contribute to this condition. But identifying the one that resonates with you means you can start in the right place.

Some experience cellulite after weight gain. Fat cells can collect in some spots leaving dimples and concaves on the skin's surface. However, dehydration may be the culprit if you haven't experienced weight changes.

Getting rid of facial cellulite means better understanding what’s happening below the skin’s surface and why it’s occurring. Perhaps your facial cellulite is due to weight gain, or you’re dehydrated and not using the right corrective products on your skin.

Other factors include genetics, poor diet, hormonal changes, and poor blood flow. 

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What to Do About Facial Cellulite

Unsightly dimples and uneven texture on the face, neck, and chin are prevalent, but treatments can help. While some people need topical treatments to tighten the skin and remove the appearance of cellulite, others turn to professionals for help.

Remedies vary in cost, invasiveness, and availability. Some can be used at home, while others require a trained and certified professional. Let's take a look at your options.

Revamp Your Skin Care Routine

Topical treatments include creams, serums, and chemical peels applied directly to the skin. For example, adding chemical peels with trichloracetic acid can minimize the appearance of cellulite on the face. But, users must incorporate the healing serum into their daily skincare routines.

A consistent hydrating routine can help you to get rid of facial cellulite. Another option is moisturizers. Moisturizers with peptides and vitamins can minimize the appearance of harsh dimples while promoting more elasticity.

A great skincare routine is relatively simple, but it may take multiple products to achieve results. While many topical treatments are much safer than invasive procedures, users with sensitive skin should beware that some chemicals may cause mild side effects.

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Take Care of Yourself

One of the more overlooked ways to manage skin problems, including facial cellulite, is self-care routines like diet and exercise. Neglecting your body's needs can lead to cosmetic conditions like cellulite.

Eating healthier and drinking more water is essential for physical health and appearance. A diet rich in vitamins and low in fat can lower the fat deposits under the skin leading to a smoother texture.

Another option is exercise. Burning fat and calories is another way to redistribute or eradicate the fat deposits that cause facial cellulite. 

Lastly, working with the tissue deep in the skin is a simple and effective method. The most common way to achieve this is a lymphatic drainage massage. This technique can disperse the fat cells and even the skin.

Getting Help from Professionals

There are professional treatments for those who haven’t found a skincare routine that works to remove facial cellulite. These options aren’t as simple as at-home remedies, but they are available for those left wanting.

Laser light treatments are one option that many people look into when other methods fail. A practitioner uses a small laser to penetrate the skin and break up the cells and deposits that cause cellulite. Compared to many other cosmetic procedures, laser light treatments are minimally invasive. 

Another option is Mesotherapy. This therapy involves injections that target the clumps of fat cells and diminish them. However, this treatment is more costly than other options because the best results appear after multiple sessions.

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Take Better Care of Yourself

Facial cellulite isn’t medically significant, but it is a common complaint for many people. The unsightly dimples and cottage cheese-like texture of cellulite are difficult to cover up with makeup and cosmetics.

Cellulite appears when fat cells fail to disperse evenly beneath the skin's surface. Although you can't control where cellulite makes its appearance, you can use serums, peels, and other techniques to minimize it. 

Many effective treatment options are as simple as ordering products online, while others are more invasive procedures that only qualified professionals can perform. Nonetheless, you don't have to live with facial cellulite.

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