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4 Easy DIY Home Remedies to Help Reduce and Treat Stretch Marks

Relax, we all have them! 

If you’ve ever had a baby, grown, lost weight, gained weight, been an avid weightlifter, or have ever breathed, chances are you might have some stretch marks. They are extremely common. 

They happen when the skin expands or shrinks too quickly. What results is damage to the dermis, a deeper level of your skin, leaving you with those pesky purple-red marks. 

While not life-threatening in any way, the appearance of stretch marks on our thighs, buttocks, stomach, or breasts sparks insecurity for many people. And though complete removal may not be possible, there are options to help prevent new stretch marks and to reduce the appearance of the ones you have. 

Check out these 5 DIY remedies that can help with stretch marks. 

Diet & Exercise 

Taking a cue from our ancient Greek friend Hippocrates who wisely said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Eating right is important. 

Fluctuations in weight are the distinct cause of stretch marks so maintaining a stable weight, or losing weight slowly, is key to avoiding stretch marks. Healthful food provides our skin with the building blocks for restoration and wound repair while staying hydrated can help with the suppleness of our skin. Avoiding sugary, caffeinated drinks will help protect your moisture barrier, as will limiting alcohol. Remember, H2O is the way to go! 

Vitamins and Minerals

The skin needs various nutrients to stay healthy, flexible and supple. Some of these include vitamins A, E, C and K as well as the mineral zinc. Your body needs the right vitamins and minerals to heal and defend itself against environmental factors. In an ideal world, we would get all of our essential nutrients from our food, but there are a number of factors that can change how we absorb them or whether we have access to them, so supplements can make up for any deficiencies in your diet. 


Exfoliation can help remove the dull, darker layers of the scar tissue and can help promote cellular rejuvenation. Try using a cleanser or at-home peel that has exfoliating ingredients like tea tree oil, an alpha hydroxy acid, or a beta hydroxy acid that can help penetrate the skin and promote a deeper exfoliation. Other options include regular exfoliating with dry brushing or a loofa and scrub combination. 

Stretch Mark Creams 

First, keeping your skin hydrated with routine use of rich moisturizers is key to helping prevent new stretch marks forming. This will help improve the elasticity and moisture barrier of the skin to help ease any potential tearing. 

There are plenty of topical creams for stretch marks that include skin rejuvenating ingredients like retinoids.  The use of chemical peels may help promote the stimulation of new skin cells and lessen the appearance of newer stretch marks.

All in all, stretch marks are a part of life. These tips here may help reduce the appearance, but remember that there is no perfect body! 

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