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Large Pores? How to Minimize Pores on Face & Nose

Smooth, even skin is a goal for many people today. When you have large pores, you can feel discouraged about your skincare journey.

You’ll be thrilled to know that this issue is common and easily reversed. Your pores are an important part of healthy, functioning skin, but they can definitely go overboard at times. When you’re acne prone or struggle with eczema? You can deal with a whole host of issues.

We’re going to break down the causes of large pores and how to reduce them efficiently.

What Are Pores?

Before diving into safe and efficient skincare routines, let’s take a look at the causes of large pores. This standard condition results in large, visible pores that can give your skin an uneven appearance.

It’s vital to remember there are two kinds of pores. 

Sweat Pores

These pores are connected to your sweat glands and are responsible for producing, what else, sweat! Healthy sweat clears out excess dirt and bacteria, giving your skin a healthy glow.

Many people will do home steam treatments or go to spas to encourage their skin to sweat.

Oil Pores

The other pores you should be aware of are oil-producing. These pores produce an oil known as sebum, which sometimes causes acne when going overboard.

Salicylic acid cleanser or peels can help reduce the appearance of pore size.

Hormonal imbalances and diet are frequent contributors to excess sebum.

What Causes Large Pores?

Large pores appear to come out of nowhere. The truth of the matter is that they have several causes.

Too Much Sebum Produced

If your skin pumps out too much sebum, you have an increased risk for acne. Acne will damage pores after infection and stretch them out.

Dry Skin Types

Dry skin has less elasticity than balanced skin. As a result, pores stretch out and don’t snap back into place.

Dirty Skin

Failing to clean your skin will fill your pores with dead skin and dirt. These irritants stretch out the pores and make it hard for them to shrink.

How to Reduce Enlarged Pores on Your Face and Nose

You don’t have to turn to crazy skincare routines to get a good result. We’re going to list out a slew of tested methods that shrink your pores without sacrificing soft and even skin.

Be Consistent Washing Your Face Morning and Night

You may be tempted to skip the wash session once in a while, but don’t do it! Your skin is constantly producing excess skin, oil, and bacteria.

Washing your face morning and night gives you the ability to rid your pores of extra irritating material. Whether you have slightly oily or dry skin, we recommend the following routine:

  • Use a face wash with compatible ingredients (for example, nothing drying for dry skin)
  • Stick to lukewarm water when rinsing off your face
  • Use a gentle toner and cotton ball to catch any parts you missed
  • Pat your skin dry instead of roughly scrubbing it
  • Apply a compatible moisturizer (for example, gels and serums for oily skin)

Exfoliate on a Semi-Regular to Regular Basis

Too much exfoliation will irritate your skin and leave it red. If you don’t exfoliate your skin enough, you could get larger pores.

Find a happy balance with your skin type and try to exfoliate on a semi-regular or regular basis. Exfoliation is done with either physical or chemical methods. For example, physical exfoliation can be done by massaging your face with a soft rag. Chemical exfoliation can look like applying a lactic acid toner.

Exfoliation loosens up dead skin and gets rid of dirt that can widen your pores.

Try a Nourishing Clay Mask

Clay masks are well known for shrinking pores and giving you a glossy, even look. However, not all clay masks are the same.

If you have very dry skin, try to find a clay mask with moisturizing additions such as aloe vera. If you have pretty oily skin, look for a clay mask with activated charcoal. You should slap on a clay mask once or twice a week for maximum effect. Be careful not to get any in your mouth when wiping it off!

Never Sleep With Makeup On

A surefire way to irritate your pores is to sleep with makeup. While we all make mistakes, constantly sleeping in makeup will gunk up your pores with residue.

Find a gentle makeup remover and use it before bed. These tools come in the form of sprays, wipes, or toners. To be extra careful, wash your pillowcase twice per week. You can also flip it over so you’re sleeping on the clean side.

Consider a Gel-Based Serum

Do you ever feel like moisturizers are too greasy? Gel-based serums are lightweight, sit on top of the skin, and keep your pores small. 

These serums are particularly suitable to oily skin, too. Win-win!

Preventative Measures You Should Try

Want to keep large pores at bay? Alongside the tips we recommended, we suggest these preventative measures.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

A little sunlight is excellent for you, but too much will irritate your skin and potentially harm your health. Apply a robust facial sunscreen on your face and neck when you go outside.

Yes, you should even apply sunscreen on cloudy days!

Exercise Regularly

Your sweat pores and oil pores are similar. Getting regular exercise will help your skin breathe and push out excess irritants.

Steam Your Face

Consider steaming your face once or twice a week. While steaming opens up your pores, it pushes out extra bacteria and dirt.

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