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How to Tighten Sagging Under Eyes

Many want to improve the appearance of our eyelids. Droopy-looking eyelids are associated with appearing tired and older. Some feel that improving or tightening the skin around their eyelids will improve their self-confidence, and physical appearance, and make them feel more attractive.

When the skin has lost some elasticity around the eyelids, it may be more difficult to apply makeup and may make the eyelid itself not visible under the excess skin.

Over time, the tissue loses its firmness and the ability to hold back the increased weight of the eyelid skin tissue. Other possible causes have been said to be thyroid dysfunction, fatigue, smoking, and increased oxidative stress.

10 Best Ways to Tighten Sagging Under Eyes

One of the best and easiest ways to tighten the skin under your eyes is by using cosmetic products that you can buy over the counter. These products have been specially made and shown to decrease collagen degradation, protect your skin against sun damage, and encourage the production of collagen.  

Everyone has different skin types, causing daily skincare routines to vary, but generally speaking, you should use any kind of tightening treatment at night after you’ve applied your toners and cleansers.  

Below are 10 ways to help tighten the sagging skin under your eyes as you age. We can’t prevent aging, but we certainly can fight it to help create younger, healthier-looking skin.

Retinoid Creams

Retinol cream seems to be a miracle cream. Retinol is loaded with Vitamin A derivatives called retinoids. These retinoids act like antioxidants for your skin and help protect your cells from getting damaged by molecules that can be harmful.  

Many cosmetic companies will mix retinoids with other facial creams to help increase the production of collagen and slow it from breaking down as you age. You can get retinol creams over the counter or even prescribed by your doctor, depending on the concentration levels that you want.

Make sure to use smaller amounts when you first start using retinol creams because it can burn your skin a bit if your skin hasn’t been exposed to it yet.

Vitamin C Creams

Many eye creams on the market use Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid because of the skin-tightening effects that it can have. You can find Vitamin C in concentrations ranging from 10-20%, which will help increase collagen production and prevent the breakdown of collagen in the skin around the eyes.

Hydration also becomes an integral part of plumping the skin to reduce the signs of sagging. Hyaluronic acid can do this by helping to hydrate the skin and is also used in Vitamin C serums.  

Vitamin E is another ingredient that you might find in Vitamin C creams because it helps increase the effects of antioxidants and protect your skin from harmful contaminants in the air.

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Vitamin B3 Remedies

Vitamin B3, in its niacinamide form, works fantastic to prevent water loss and helps maintain the skin’s overall moisture. Most skin creams will incorporate Vitamin B3 into their products at a concentration rate of 5%, which is formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  

Vitamin B3 is also known to increase keratin to help improve the structure of the skin’s surface and help to smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

On top of this, you might read of peptides being added to the niacinamide-containing creams so that they can increase the anti-aging effects of the cream. Peptides are produced naturally in our skin, but adding them into skincare formulas helps to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, which leads to tighter, younger-looking skin.


Everyone knows that the sun is one of the harshest elements that our skin can endure and causes many issues like wrinkles, crepey skin, fine lines, premature skin aging, and some skin cancers. According to some doctors, all of these can be prevented by using sunscreen with SPF protection of at least 30.  

There was a 2016 study done that found that people who used sunscreen with SPF 30 daily for one year showed improvements in texture and skin clarity.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can provide another alternative to reducing sagging skin under the eyes. Dermal fillers are treatments that are injectable and are made with hyaluronic acid, which can smooth and plump skin around the eyes.

Are you looking for skincare products to help reduce the sagging skin under your eyes?  Check out our line of skincare products designed to help reduce sagging skin and aging. 

Chemical Peels

Having smoother skin is always a goal as we age, and chemical peels are the go-to when trying to achieve this result. The job of chemical peels is to stimulate the growth of a new, smoother layer of skin. You can view some of our chemical peel products designed to reduce sagging skin under your eyes on our website.


Microdermabrasion is another way to tighten sagging skin under the eyes. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin using tiny particles to help peel the outer layers away to help promote smoother skin and the production of collagen. 


Microneedling is considered a cosmetic procedure and involves using tiny needles to prick the skin, creating small wounds, which in turn encourages your body to create more collagen and elastin to heal those wounds.  

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Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening uses heat to jump-start the body’s process of healing wounds. Wound healing promotes collagen production and helps to create younger-looking skin.  

Plastic Surgery

If you have a more severe case of sagging skin under the eyes, you can look into a plastic surgery procedure called blepharoplasty. This type of plastic surgery can remove loose skin and fat cells from underneath the eye area. 

Egg White Eyelid Skin Tightening Recipe

For a bonus, we wanted to give you a natural skin-tightening recipe to make using all-natural ingredients such as egg whites and lemon juice. Be careful not to get it on your eyes!!!

  1. Make sure your eyelid doesn’t have any makeup and is dry.
  2. Crack open an egg and remove the yolk; all you’re going to need is the egg white. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice into the egg white. Mix until frothy.
  3. Hold your eyelid closed and dip a q-tip or cotton swab into the egg white.
  4. Rub the q-tip across the crease of your eyelid (it should not drip at all, you don’t need much).
  5. Keep holding your eyelid closed and wait for the egg white to dry, or you could sit in front of a fan to speed up the time. You can also apply to your décolletage and your neck area.
  6. Wait 15 minutes to rinse off.
  7. Moisturize.

Are you looking for the best ways to tighten your the sagging skin under your eyes? Start by answering a few questions about your skin to find out what solution is best for you.

Easiest Way of Tightening Skin Under Your Eyes

After learning about several different ways to tighten the skin under your eyes, most people want a simple, fast, and effective way to do it without having to buy expensive serums or have plastic surgery.

Topical skincare products that are made with vitamin C, retinol, and vitamin B are some of the easiest and proven methods for reducing sagging skin under the eyes, and they can easily be purchased at a drug store or department store. With that said, you want to pay close attention to what is on the label when you are purchasing these eye-tightening treatments over the counter.

Natural Ways To Tighten The Skin Under Your Eyes

With all of these serums and lotions on the market, you may be wondering if there’s a more natural way to tighten the skin under your eyes. Beauty experts recommend that things such as egg white masks, fruit slices, veggies, and coffee scrubs can help reduce under-eye sagging.

Over time, the tissue loses its firmness and the ability to hold back the increased weight of the eyelid skin tissue. Other possible causes have been said to be thyroid dysfunction, fatigue, smoking, and increased oxidative stress.

Even though these natural remedies sound promising, there have been no conclusive results from studies on whether or not they actually work. 


Aging isn’t always fun, but it’s a part of life. There are several options for decreasing undereye sagging, so don’t be afraid to try any of the above ideas. Crows' feet, loose skin, fine lines, and loose skin can all be helped with the right type of treatment as we age.

For more information about skincare around the eyes, visit our website today.

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